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PB’s Lee Stringer books HBO’s “The Leftovers!”

Congratulations to PB Talent’s Lee Stringer on his HBO’s “The Leftovers” booking! Lee was booked as Glenn in episode 3 of season 2–“Off Ramp.” If you missed his episode, check it out at!


Voice Over Agents Offer Clients Tips

Voice over artists trying to break into the industry and seasoned veterans alike can gain much from representation by voice over agents. The experience and insider industry knowledge they are able to share is invaluable to the artists they represent. Tips from an industry professional No matter the level of experience you may have in the field of voice overs, there is always something that you can learn. Below is some advice from one who is involved in various facets of the industry. Never give a dull read. Remain upbeat, energized and responsive. Make sure that your slate reflects the tone of the read. If your slate is bouncy and cheerful and the audition itself requires a more somber tone, the transition will be too jarring and sound odd to your audience. Always follow the directions. Agents always include the vital information that is required for a successful reading, but it is up to the talent to take heed of it. Don’t lose a job simply for failing to read and follow the instructions. Prepare. If the service or product is unfamiliar to you, remember that Google is your friend. A quick search can clarify any uncertainties. If the pronunciation is unclear, call …

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