Seeking Representation

Experienced Voice Talent

Email your demo (one mp3 file) to with a cc to, along with your cover letter and bio. Include:

1) Your experience/resume
2) Studio & Delivery Capabilities
3) Current agency representation (if any)
4) What, if any, VO websites are you a member?
5) Are you available on short notice?
6) Union affiliates (if any)

Demos that are mailed will not be returned. No appointment will be scheduled without us first hearing your demo.

***Please do not contact our office to check on the status of your submission. Once we review your demo, we will contact you by phone or email if we are interested.***

Seeking Representation With No Experience

Voice Over
If you are interested in voice work and have no experience we suggest that you get some formal training to see if you are willing to give the time and energy it takes to become a voice over talent. After completing the classes, mail in a:

  • Resume
  • MP3 file Demo

Due to the large number of submissions that we receive it may take up to two weeks to hear from us. We will respond by either calling you to set up an interview or sending you a letter stating that at this time we are declining your submission.