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Jose Grinan

First and foremost, Jose Grinan has and always will be a storyteller.  As a broadcast journalist his stories helped Houstonians start their day as a senior morning news anchor for Fox26 here in Houston.  As a member of the National Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists Jose has strong ties to our city through several community organizations including The National Kidney Foundation and Special Olympics.  With a background in speech and theatre, Jose has set the stage for his next great adventure as a voice actor.  His voice style is described as rich with a deep, warm rasp.  This storyteller is now available exclusively through PB Talent.  

Heidi Hinkel

Heidi Hinkel is a seasoned voiceover actor, bringing authenticity, versatility, and effortless collaboration to every project. With a reputation for being not only professional, but also remarkably easy to work with, Heidi specializes in commercial voiceover, narration, children’s media, animation, video games, and e-learning. Her voice has been lauded for its trustworthy tones, embodying the essence of a smart, reliable friend with warmth and sincerity. Yet, Heidi’s versatility extends beyond the conventional; she effortlessly switches gears to become the fun, young mom or spirited girl next door, infusing projects with a vibrant and lighthearted energy. Her ability to connect with audiences makes Heidi Hinkel a sought-after voiceover artist, ensuring each project is the perfect blend of professionalism and genuine, relatable charm.

Zia Amador

Zia identifies as non-binary, and has a gender-ambiguous voice with a teenage to young adult sound. He’s voiced for commercials, animation, museum audio tours, children’s audio books, web videos, educational game apps, documentaries and eLearning tutorials. Clients include Swarovski Jewelry, Gates Foundation, MoMA, Central Park Conservancy, Planned Parenthood and Pandora.

Fabian Cook

Fabian Cook Jr. is a voiceover artist originally from Georgia, now residing in North San Diego, CA. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and brings to his work a diverse background including a stint as a Morgan Stanley Advisor. A member of Actors Equity Association, his stage acting career has emphasized Shakespeare, with leading roles in Macbeth, Coriolanus and Richard III. Fabian is the recipient of  the Daniel Escobar Scholarship at the V.O. Dojo in Burbank, CA where he continues to hone his skills under the tutelage of industry veteran Tish Hicks. Whether it be commercial, corporate narration, promo, audiobook, or animation his goal is “excellence with every opportunity” to serve the clients needs.

Lauren Stewart

Lauren is a versatile voice actress with a captivating textured voice. She has worked with some of the biggest companies and brands.  Her versatility allows her to work in many genres within the voice over industry such as Commercial, Corporate, Medical, Narration, E-Learning, Promo, Documentary, and more.  She records from her Broadcast Quality Home Studio equipped with a Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone, Neumann TLM 103 microphone, Audient iD14 Audio Interface and Source Connect. With her strong acting background and her ability to take direction with speed and ease she is a pleasure to work with.  She always looks forward to helping clients enhance their projects with her unique voice, personality and perspective.

David E. Wells

David Wells is a 25-year-old voice actor. He has been acting for over 10 years, and has gathered experience from many stage, film, and audio productions. His experience with collaborative production has made him very adaptable and easy to work with. He has a wide range, and loves developing little details that bring the characters he plays to life.

JP Spees

Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana where I started my career in Radio and Television in 1978. With hard work and over 40 years of experience, I’ve been blessed to be able to compile an extensive list of credits, nationally; * Saturday Night Live Radio Show * Dennis Miller Radio Show * Jay Leno Radio Show * Bose Radio Ad * Chevy Ad * CMA Awards Radio Audio

Patrick Mealey

  Patrick Mealey is a non-binary voiceover artist known for their work in video games, anime, commercials, e-learning, audiobooks and more! Originally from Newark, Delaware, Patrick fell into acting during college, specifically voice acting and has never looked back since. Some of their clients include FUNimation/Crunchyroll, miHoYo, Audible, NYAV Post, DoorDash, Dell,, and many more. With a powerful voice, broadcast quality/remote capable home studio, and an infectious personality, you will be so happy to have Patrick for your project! Outside of acting, Patrick enjoys streaming games on Twitch, performing music, working out, hanging out with friends, taking care of their pet cat Draco and spreading positivity and care to everyone they can.  

Jenna Lynn

Introducing Jenna Lynn, a talented voice-over artist hailing from the vibrant city of Houston, Texas. With a voice that exudes warmth, conversational charm, and an inviting tone, Jenna captivates audiences with her exceptional vocal abilities. Her versatile voice effortlessly adapts to various genres, whether it be commercials, narrations, e-learning modules, or even character voices. Clients appreciate Jenna’s ability to bring scripts to life, creating a captivating and engaging experience for listeners. Jenna’s dedication to continuous growth and improvement is a testament to her commitment to providing the best possible voice-over experience for her clients. With her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, she is ready to bring your project to life and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Jordan O’Neal

Jordan O’Neal is a film, television, and voice actor with a voice that is everything from inviting and soothing, to sinister. You’ll hear him before you see him when he enters a room. He is available for commercials, corporate VO, educational videos/industrials, narrative podcasts, ad-reads, audio books, anime dubbing, and videogames. His vocal range covers teen/young adult, to young professional and even other-worldly. Accents: US Neutral, US South-West (Texas), Manchester, Irish, Scottish (Highland) and others.

Lani Minella

Decades of experience bring extra versatility with a 4 octave range and ability to do any age or accent. Fun, fast and a great actor, Lani has been in feature films as creatures like It Chapter 2, SMILE and Last Voyage of the Demeter. Also over 500 titles including AAA computer games, national commercials, documentaries, museum exhibits, land based entertainment like Legoland and Disney world, TV and radio. Easy to direct and quick to turn projects around, Lani looks forward to working with you.

Genevieve Baer

Genevieve has been a voice actor for 20 years. Her voice has been heard on national TV/Radio commercials, Spotify, iHeartmedia, SiriusXM, Pandora, Youtube and other streaming services.  A few of her commercial clients include Country Crock, McDonald’s, Miracle Gro, Noodles World Kitchen, Synergy Homecare, and Swiffer. Genevieve has recorded narrations for National Geographic Kids, Kohler, and Nike. She is the promo voice for NBC Las Vegas. She has voiced Gold Pollie Award-winning political campaigns. Genevieve’s voice is natural and warm with a bit of character and quirk. Genevieve’s delivery is conversational and often channels Aubrey Plaza, Kristin Bell, Anna Kendrick, Rashida Jones, and Ilana Glazer. With a background as a trained actor, Genevieve is an excellent cold-reader, skilled at technical language, and extremely FAST with turn-around times.  She voices from her broadcast-quality home studio in Boulder, CO (with Source Connect).

Noah Harris

Ten year old year old Noah is as charismatic and versatile in his performances as his award winning father, Eli. Only having been in the business for one year, Noah’s pride in his work and personality shines in any project that he’s involved with and has been praised by several casting directors and agents. A partial list of his credits includes The Tuttle Twins, The Fantastic Kitty Rue, Kembe, Broken Beat, Gatorade and many more. Noahs star is on the rise and the sky’s the limit.

Gabriel Castro

Gabe Castro was born and raised in New Providence, New Jersey. After moving to Florida in 2012, the desire to grow up and take control of his life, mixed in with falling into a very creative online community, helped him to discover voice-over. He started doing voices for fan-projects inspired by a popular cartoon, but was still unsure if this was something he wanted to pursue professionally. After bravely deciding to email an established voice-actress who offered coaching, he had his very first true lesson and was shocked to find himself completely thrilled. There was no longer any doubt: voice-over was his thing! From then on, he would continue to grow and market himself where-ever he could – taking part in smaller indie projects and working an extremely large amount of part-time jobs, while also continuing to train to become part of the major franchises he loves. The dream of inspiring others to be their true selves and to become a voice of someone’s childhood, like the many great actors who have shaped his life, continuously pushes him to grow and make his mark in this incredible industry. When not acting, Gabe runs an ever-growing Youtube channel, creating fun Lets …

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James Marler

James Marler is a Texas based Actor/Voice Actor with over a decade of experience. James’s youthful voice and animated personality has allowed him to work with some of the Top Directors and Anime Studios in the business, which Include Sentai Filmworks and Funimation. With a life long practice of martial arts, James uses skills and creativity working behind the camera as a Fight/Stunt coordinator for both union and non union films. When not working on a Project, James spends his free time with his children, and teaching martial arts.

Rosanna Pilcher

Rosanna Pilcher is a film, theatre, and voiceover actor with an energetic, uplifting, and inviting voice. With over 20 years of experience onstage and on-camera, Rosanna brings confidence, energy, and excitement to every commercial project. A singer and theatre teacher/director, she brings a professional and organized mindset to her creativity with a firm grasp of the big picture and can fully engage with any audience to help them understand an eLearning course, corporate training or explainer video. Her talents in the audiobook sector offer up a large vocal range from child to teen/young adult to middle-aged. Mezzo-soprano vocalist and pianist. Accents include: General American, Texan, Southern, Irish, British 

Amanda Utter

Amanda Utter will bring her high level of professionalism and utterly authentic voice to your audio project, whether it be commercial, narration, live announce, automotive or political. Her voice has been heard on projects for Weight Watchers, Discount Tire, Dell, H-E-B, Facebook, Capital One, Scott and White Health, Chevrolet, MacMillan Learning, and more. She is a One Voice award nominee for Best Female Automotive and Best Female Demo. Amanda works out of her professional home studio (Source Connect and phone patch capabilities) in Austin, Texas. Throughout her decade and a half as a professional female commercial voice over actor, Amanda has trained with Joe Cipriano, Mary Lynn Wissner, J. Michael Collins, Dave Fennoy, Kay Bess, Celia Siegel, Melissa Disney, Dave Walsh, AJ McKay, Cliff Zellman, Anne Ganguzza, and more. Always available on a short notice. Non-union.

Ricky Downes

Ricky Downes is beyond excited to be part of the PB Talent family! With a background in stand-up and sketch comedy, Ricky specializes in highly energetic, animated, unique character work, but can also supply engaging, professional commercial and narration voice over – having performed in various nationally aired television commercials, video games, and short films. Ricky’s past credits include including the titular voice of Wish Weasel, an award-winning television pilot featured on Adult Swim, starring an intergalactic, wish-granting weasel puppet. In 2020, Ricky received international and Internet fame when he recorded the entirety of the Broadway smash hit Hamilton, but in the voices of Jim Henson’s The Muppets, garnered millions of views and received appraisals from major publications. Most recently, Ricky was cast as the lead role in the Off-Broadway, national tour of Rockefeller Production’s Paddington Gets in a Jam, puppeteering and voicing the iconic bear. In his free time, Ricky can be seen in and around New York City, performing stand-up comedy, bringing his animated and zany persona to life on stage – including an ambitious one man parody of Disney’s The Lion King at the long-renowned People’s Improv Theater in the heart of NYC. Ricky has been instructed and …

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Jim Mackrell

Jim MacKrell’s broadcast career has spanned decades and has included every aspect of communications, from local and network commercials to hosting specials to guest-starring in popular series and features. For the four years of its run, Jim was the star of the hit NBC game-show, Celebrity Sweepstakes (1974). He also hosted The Game Game (1969) (CBS), Quiz Kids (1978) (Columbia Pictures TV), plus numerous other shows. Jim’s career has taken him to all areas of television and movies. His theatrical credits include such memorable films as Woody Allen‘s Annie Hall (1977), Albert Brooks‘ Defending Your Life (1991), Semi-Tough (1977), Gremlins (1984) and Teen Wolf (1985) with Michael J. Fox. He has had guest-starring roles on television in Dallas (1978), Soap (1977), Moonlighting (1985) and The Golden Girls (1985), amongst over 40 others. His made-for-TV movies include Christmas Miracle in Caufield, U.S.A. (1977), ABC Afterschool Specials: Run, Don’t Walk (1981) and A Reason to Live (1985). Jim was also a regular on General Hospital (1963), Capitol (1982) and Days of Our Lives (1965). As a performer/writer/producer, Jim has made advertising a major focal point of his career. He has been corporate spokesman for giants such as Chevrolet and Disney. He has starred in spots for household names such as Whirlpool, Fiber Con, Serta, Goodyear, Mattel, Oster, Radio Shack, Exxon, Entex, and more. He also has appeared as a spokesman for industrials and corporate films for Toyota, Exxon, Xerox, Shell, Coca …

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Kieren Van Den Blink

After graduating early from Columbia University, Kieren van den Blink debuted on Broadway in The Diary of Anne Frank, playing sister Margot to Natalie Portman’s Anne. She flew to Los Angeles when cast as a young Linda Hamilton in a TV movie, then scored the coveted role of Rogue in the animated hit series Wolverine & The X-Men. Her West Coast stage debut brought Alec Baldwin to the theater. The next day, he called Lorne Michaels prompting NBC to fly her out to NYC to test for Saturday Night Live! Kieren recently wrote and directed her first film, the award-winning short, Fingernail Moon. She has penned a beloved column in the Los Angeles Times Magazine called Sounds of the City and published the children’s book, Sniff. She was awarded a Ford Foundation Grant to write her memoir, Mighty Forces Are Gathering On Your Behalf. And she is currently starring in the hit play Bill W. And Dr. Bob in Hollywood.