Alexa Magro

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: Kids, Teens, Young Adult
  • Category:Out Of Market Women, All Women

Alexa’s dedication and love for her craft shines through in all the work she produces! She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and grew up working professionally in Musical Theatre both in Texas and around the country. A true triple threat, she currently balances her time between Houston and New York, both training and auditioning for projects in Theatre, On-Camera, and Voiceover as well as going to school full-time online. Education has always been important to her and earning her degree with the rest of her class in 2022 is of high priority to her. She is fortunate that she has the ability to perform and continue her studies simultaneously.

From her childhood through adolescent years, people would always complement Alexa on the unique timbre and distinction her speaking voice displayed. Having a little brother in the house, she would sit in front of the TV with him as he watched cartoons and mimic the characters she saw on TV, dreaming that one day, she too would get to bring one of those characters to life. That then turned into her beginning to train in Voiceover acting and discovering a great deal of passion for using her voice to tell stories and connect with an audience. She has a youthful, yet versatile teen/college/early 20s sound, but is capable of a legitimate child read in the 5 – 10 year old range.

She’s easily coachable, takes direction well, and loves to make bold choices and take big risks. Alexa looks forward to her contribution to making your vision come to life!



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