Henry Dardenne

  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range: Seniors
  • Category:Out Of Market Men, All Men

Henry Dardenne has spent 30 years as a stage and screen actor and the last 15 years doing voiceover. From National Campaigns for Boeing and Humana Health and national ads for Audi, Chevy and the Stanley Cup playoffs to hundreds of regional TV and radio spots including the Seattle Sonics, Seahawks and Mariners to narrations for the National Park Service and National Geographic and gaming voices for Halo, SWAT and Sly Foxx among many others, Henry has done most of what there is to do in this industry. Here at last is a sound that is truly different, cutting though the hordes of average clutter found on the airwaves every day. A sound that people really listen too. A sound that catches the ear in a different and excitng way. Henry’s sound is not for everyone to be sure, just for people who really want something different. Smoky, husky and very real, totally believable and totally trustworthy.


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