Ishtar Saenz

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: MiddleAge
  • Category:Out Of Market Women, All Women

Ishtar is a professional actress with over 20 years of experience providing Spanish Voice Over services worldwide.

Ishtar began her career in 1996 in voice dubbing. She has worked in many movies, TV series, TV shows and industrial videos.

She can deliver an enthusiastic, compassionate, authoritative, sophisticated, friendly, or real mom voice to your productions.

She is from México City and now is living in United States.
Ishtar’s voice over experience is as vast as her voice dubbing career.

She has been part of VO campaigns for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, University Health System, Axe, Pantene, Honey Nuts Cheerios, among others.

Ishtar offers Spanish voiceover services Including: TV / Radio Commercials, Voice Dubbing, Movie Trailers, Narration, Infomercials, Podcasts, Corporate and Industrial Narrations and Training, Political Spots, Documentary Narratives, E-Learning and online courses, Internet Presentations, Tag lines, Audio Books, and more!!!


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