Jabulani McCalister

  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range: Seniors
  • Category:Out Of Market Men, All Men

Jabulani McCalister is a very talented performing artist with over 30 years of experience in various aspects of the field. However, in 2006, he discovered a love for the voice over field. Accordingly, he launched his career as a Voice Artist. Since then he has performed in numerous voice projects such as commercials, narrations, movie trailers, and animation just to name a few. Mr. McCalister speaks very articulately, reads well, and delivers lines with great warmth, depth and believability. He is able to perform live action and animated character voices and replicates different languages, dialects, speech patterns and accents. In addition, he is able to learn various language phrases quickly and makes sound effects with mouth (i.e. wind, instruments). He is also an accomplished public speaker and writer (i.e. scripts, technical, poetry, etc.). He is a much sought after voice talent who is eager to share his gifts with your company. Please contact Pastorini-Bosby today to book him for your upcoming project.


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