Mimi Barker

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: Gen Y (teens – 20's), Gen X (30's-40's)
  • Category:Houston Based Women, Out Of Market Women, All Women

Classically trained in vocal technique and linguistics, Mimi Barker utilizes her background in the performing arts to transform written word into a relatable, clear, and compelling conversation. With masterful control of her tone, timbre, and pronunciation, she seeks to find the perfect ‘voice’ for each endeavor. It is her passion to give breath to the story, character, and content provided. Barker believes that conveying a tone of ‘truth’ is the key to every project.

Barker has extensive voice-over experience in Commercials, PSA’s, Narration, Audio Books, Trailers, Product Spokesperson, Animation, Video Games, Industrials, Automation/Product Voice, ADR, and Story Board Scratch Recordings and welcomes each project with enthusiasm and creative dedication.


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