Kelli Tager

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: MiddleAge
  • Category:Out Of Market Women, All Women

Now based in Los Angeles, Kelli is from the one-Starbucks town of Saratoga, California. She did her first professional theater gig before she graduated high school, then got her BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA – and studied in England her junior year . It was such jolly good fun that she returned to the UK for her Masters in Shakespeare. After graduation, she continued to act in theater and film/ TV until the day she discovered voice over… and fell in love. Now she only works behind the mic and couldn’t be happier.

Five Quirky Quirks

  1. I’m everyone’s phone-a-friend for classic movie trivia.

  2. I’m everyone’s phone-a-friend for fairy tales.

  3. I’m no one’s phone-a-friend for sports.

  4. I can only open up my right eye under water.

  5. I sneeze when I eat chocolate*

    *This does not stop me from eating it.


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