Linda Rico

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: MiddleAge
  • Category:Out Of Market Women, All Women

My personal Story in one minute.

Linda Rico – Who am I?

A Mexican – American, born in Los Angeles California, with five generations born in Texas, from both sides.

I married young, and by the age of 21, I had four Son’s.  I dedicated my youth and life to my family.

By this dedication, I declined many wonderful opportunities that came along my path, that many would have sacrificed for. But not me. Anything that I thought would take a generous amount of time away from them, I would decline.

I’ve held many hats in corporate America. Some hats I enjoyed, and others, not so much.

For many years I felt something strong inside, as if I wasn’t being true to myself.

To make a long story short, my kids are Men now, and I have four beautiful grandkids.

I feel in some way that I have graduated with a Doctorate degree in life. And now, I can pursue my dreams, what makes me, me.


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