Phillip Mather*

  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range: Seniors
  • Category:Houston Based Men, All Men

Following a career in international management consultancy, and currently as owner of a successful real estate brokerage, Phillip has also been delighting the world with his voice via stage, screen, internet, radio and TV productions for over a decade.

Residing in the greater Houston area for that period, yet still retaining his quintessential Englishness, one critic has remarked: It’s not just that Mr. Mather is British; he is ultra-British – by turns dramatic, jovial, sinister, soothing, and matter-of-fact. He is a bit Olivier, a bit Rathbone, a bit Attenborough, with touches of Sebastian Cabot, Patrick Stewart, and Darth Vader in the mix.

Phillip has modern studio facilities at the home he shares with his American wife, Megan, where they also run a volunteer wildlife rescue – Dysfunctional Farm.


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